Regulation of Stem Cell-Based Research in India in comparison with the US,EU other Asian countries: Current Issues and Future Perspectives.

Stem cell therapy is applicable for repair and replacement of damaged cells and tissues. Apart from transplanting cells to the body, the stem cell therapy directs them to grow new and healthy tissues. Stem cells in the area of regenerative medicines hold tremendous promise that may help to regenerate the damaged tissues and heal various diseases like multiple sclerosis, heart diseases, and Parkinson’s diseases, and so on.

To prove the safety, efficacy, and for the requirement of a licence for manufacture and sale, all the stem cell therapies should pass the required criteria and undergo certain examinations of the regulatory agencies. The regulatory authorities review the manufacturing procedures of products to assure its purity and potency.

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This review summarizes the comparative critical evaluations of existing regulations and the developments on the stem cells research in India, USA, EU and Asian regions also discuss the challenges that have to be overcome and the important points that should be understood to position India as a source of the perspective nation in stem cells around the world.